Free Animated E-card (Happy Monthsary)

To SEND this free happy monthsary animated e-card via e-mail, click the red SEND THIS button at the bottom of this post.

To send the monthsary e-card via posting a message or comment on someone's blog or social network like Plurk, etc., you can just copy paste the words written in red below. It includes the url of the e-card. You may customize the message (the italized part) if you like or just post it as is.

Hi! I want you to know how I feel so please check this out. You can view it at

You can also copy paste the following html code on the page where you want it shown, (for instance you paste this code to comment on someone's Friendster) the recipient would see an animated image telling him or her that he or she received an e-card. Then, the recipient would click the image and be directed to the e-card you sent him or her.

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